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XXII Solution




Novelty and future technologies together represent a reasonable solution to improve efficiency and productivity in the economy. All of the modern innovations, ideas, inventions, specific solutions and their successful application are connected to market demand. Your economic income is the pulse of time.

Together we are strong, we are partners on an equal level. Do you have specific suggestions or ideas? We will help you translate them into reality.

We will find ways to offer you the best suitable product or concept for your selected clients. Appropriate solutions, which we will be able to control individually, will let you to become more effective.

LIG-Protec offers in addition to its own products, training, concepts – other common solutions for the optimization and improvement of commercial relations to all our customers around the world. One of the goals is to create a common system of standardized expense of necessary and mandatory certifications. Certification at the global level will give transparency and will make trade more safe and successful.

With our certification we offer our customers and partners new standards, certified quality marks to ensure the proper use of modern, developed systems and products.

In our individual consultations we offer you to get proven, concentrated first-hand information.

The goal is to help you as a partner and ally to collaborate and inspire you with new solutions, new standards in all ways.

Together, we are ready to discuss any questions about professional development. Consulting in advance is better, so you can also to reduce your loss/ budget.

Our experts are ready to assist you on the following topics:
Orientation on the market   Skills and competence
Specific business concepts
Financing and loans
Marketing strategy and advertising

The better you are prepared, the more successful you’re! In order help, we need your help as a preparation for the interview. You can use our information and advice.

Prepare for consultation, note all your questions, evaluate the situation, consider the current status and desired.

Check yourself and your skills:
What thoughts do I have about these issues?
What kind of information on this issues is already in my hands?
In what moments I still need more information?
What am I interested in the market?
What is my target audience?
Where to get customers?
What interests and goals do I have? What are the options?
Who can support me?

For organizational reasons, to make an appointment please send a request by e-mail info@liquidglass-protec.com

Our specialists have many years of experience in many areas of surface processing: polishing, sanding, coloring, detailing, etc. We offer you modern seminars, individual master-classes and trainings. Getting the knowledge from the best guru-masters, you will see and be able to differentiate the quality and workmanship.

Having these skills, you will be able to understand the specifics of a particular industry. With such knowledge and skills you will be able to reach unbelievable highs. We can’t make you a master immediately, we can only give you our knowledge and a direction. Only by applying all your efforts, you can achieve success professionally.

How often have you thought about time wasted on something not quite important? Without the knowledge, the people do everything, make maximum effort, pay too much money, invest too much time, and in the end they don’t achieve expected result. How to not do that? The answer so easy, get the knowledge!

Walk on the fast way and save time! The time u saved will be used for new concepts of your business.

Only a professional knows that it is very important to have primarily and what is secondary in the business.

Knowledge is the greatest power of our time. In our seminars, we will show you everything from A to Z, our craftsmen and professionals will make their effort to walk whole way step by step, with you, we will show you the most advanced products that have emerged over the last 2-3 years on the market.

We will teach you consulting, sales and other techniques that you will use to do business. So you’ll make fewer mistakes, gradually getting a skill to attract customers, to make them happy, and much more ..

In our seminars / trainings / master-classes, you’ll get all the training base for your individual concept.

You will learn not only the theory of chemistry and the environment, but living skills. After training at the final step there we will discuss the concept, show you advertising and development plan prepared.