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As a responsible major supplier of complete professional systems, we developed special products for the medical work fields and presented them globally at international markets.
Our transparent anti-germ and anti-microbial coatings protect from the increase of germs, bacteria, mold and must.
The result will certainly be visible.
The 3D-matrix coating is completely transparent, has a permanent effect, feels like a second skin on a substrate and has an antimicrobial effect. Among other things, the treated surfaces will also be free of odors or stains.
Invisible technology will become a visible result.
Take advantage of the TiO² Technology:
The new photo-catalytically-active coating based on titanium dioxide will kill multiresistant germs and bacteria in the environment (cleanrooms, doctor’s offices, hospitals) effectively, safely and gently.
Our specialists work closely with all our customers to make sure to develop, test and finally apply the proper anti-microbial solution for your individual needs.
Let us help you today with refining your products with efficient, anti-microbial protection through our 3D-Matrix coating.
Your product will stay clean and fresh much longer with our technologies of the modern generation.
Choice your product:
-Sporicid Cleaning
-Antimicrobial Protection