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LIG Protec provides innovative and exclusive products and well-coordinated system for polishing and finishing of various surfaces for several years already.
As a trusted supplier of large yachts and shipbuilding producing, we have developed very special products and presented them on the international markets.
Plastics, wood, glass fibers, the GRP, gelcoat, the most commonly used materials in the production of shipbuilding for ship, boats and yachts.
These surfaces are exposed to salt water and solar radiation and wear out. Different kinds of plaque seaweed and shells are a big problem for every owner of ship, yacht or boat.
All this does not only destroy the appearance, but also does cause long-term damage to the gelcoat creating cracks in the layer of paint. Algae and mussels make the surface rough and destroy the top paint.
Contamination of ship hulls leads to the extra weight and thus creates a strong resistance when moving through the water. This naturally leads to an increase in fuel consumption and logically to irrational maintenance costs.
With our professional products, your ships, yachts and boats stay clean, ultra-smooth and shiny longer. Our systems for cleaning, maintenance will help you to save time, hassle and additional costs for maintenance.