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For several years, LIG Protec offers innovative and exclusive products as well as perfectly matched polishing and cleaning systems for the refinement of various surfaces.
As a responsible major supplier of complete professional systems, we developed special products for aviation and presented them globally at international markets.
Varnish, carbon, glass, textiles and leather are frequently exposed to special stresses: air-conditioning, extreme temperature fluctuations and soiling speed up the aging process. LIG Protec Cleaning- and Maintenance-Systems preserve and protect all kinds of materials under a variety of demands.
Problems – Solutions
Safety in air traffic during snow and ice:
A contamination with ice can possibly impair the aerodynamics of the wings and control surfaces significantly and disrupt their function in a long run. In extreme cases, the loss of boost can be substantial and lead a plane into unstable flight situations. Additionally, sensors can fail and the weight of the plane increase significantly through ice. For planes with rear drive, the situation is even more difficult as pieces of ice which fly off the wings can get in to the engines. The danger of ice cannot be underestimated and can become extreme depending on the weather. Ice build-up on the wings has a negative impact on the flight behavior.
For years now, by means of different measures and technologies, the flow resistance of planes is being optimized and improved permanently to design air traffic safer and more fuel-efficient. How is this even possible? The answer is – nanotechnology.
Fuel and Environment:
With our new matrix-surface sealant with a microstructure for planes that aids flow, fuel savings of 0.5 – 10 percent can be achieved. Due to this, using nanotechnology just for large planes of any airline with an annual kerosene-consumption of more than 1 million tons has an enormous savings potential of 10 to 50 million Euro of fuel cost per year. Additionally, the financial advantage is coming with an environmental relief of about 100.000 tons of CO2-emissions. If planes are sprayed with anti-freeze (glycol-mixture), the chemicals are damaging the runway every time.
Health Aspects:
The germ contamination inside planes is extremely high. Many studies show this, among them one of the US Society for Microbiology from 2014.
The Munich Health Department even confirmed to FOCUS magazine, that there are no regulations to regularly disinfecting planes any longer. Therefore, the airlines decide themselves to what extent they clean their plane cabins.
Especially for people with a weak immune system, the germ breeding inside cabins can actually be a hazard.
LIG developed effective and functional systems especially for planes:
LIG Protec Cleaning-System
LIG Desinfektion
LIG Antimikrobiell
LIG Surface Protection